With rainwater 80% of the energy to cool buildings and costs for water softeners can be saved

In the current situation of global warming, it is becoming increasingly important to provide economic cooling systems using resource-saving technologies. The adiabatic cooling plays a crucial role.

Through the evaporation of water, a preexisting airflow is cooled very efficiently and with low energy consumption. The adiabatic cooling, or colloquially also evaporative cooling, is The first form of air cooling and almost forms the beginnings of climate technology.

Rainwater instead of drinking water

The rainwater also has the enormous advantage that almost no hardness appears. It can therefore be used without additional softening or reverse osmosis system for evaporative cooling systems, which in turn saves significant costs.

The following system diagram shows the basic structure of a system for adiabatic cooling with rainwater and simultaneous rainwater harvesting for flushing toilets and garden irrigation. The rainwater is pre-filtered through the self-cleaning, highly efficient PURAIN filter.

In order to guarantee the highest possible supply security, speed-controlled RAINMASTER Favorit SC can be used with a redundant construction. Via a floating suction filtration the particularly economical and quiet RAINMASTER Favorit-SC suck the cleanest water from the hybrid tank and supply the consumers, such as toilets, cleaning systems and gardens with valuable, clear and lime-low rainwater. A supplemental supply with drinking water takes place automatically with water shortage via the DVGW tested RAINMASTER.

With the AQUALOOP membrane filtration membranes with a pore size of 0.02 µm are used, which not only retain inorganic particles of adequate size but also germs.

That way, the rainwater can be used optimally for the operation of the adiabatic cooling.

1. PURAIN filter 6. AQUALOOP membran station
2. Inlet calming 7. AQUALOOP controler
3. Charge pump 8. Float switch
4. Pressure tube 9. Clear water tank
5. AQUALOOP membrane tank r 10. RAINMASTER Favorit SC

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