Non-potable water from a wastewater treatment plant

Using AQUALOOP effluent from small wastewater treatment plants can be treated to non-potable water and used for toilet flushing or irrigation. The effluent of the wastewater treatment plant must be of sufficient quality or have additional biological treatment in a downstream bioreactor. Since the incoming water is free of coarse particulates the AQUALOOP PURAIN pre-filter is not required. The ultrafiltered water will be transferred to a treated water storage and from there it is supplied to the fixtures and reused e.g. with a RAINMASTER. The resulting cyclical process saves a considerable amount of water and costs. In discharge-free wastewater treatment plants, the costs of the water extraction are as well saved.

1. Waste Water Treatment Plant 6. AL Blower
2. Submersible Pump 7. Clear Water Tank
3. AL Bioreactor 8. Suction Filter
4. AL Membranes 9. RAINMASTER Favorit SC Duplex
5. AL Membrane Station 10. Expansion Vessel

The possibility to save drinking water has enhanced strongly the last years.

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A rainwater filter cleaning itself by the principle of the hydraulic jump.

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The DRAINMAX tunnel infiltration system: The only plastic trench with flushable  ground.

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The optimized water pump station for rainwater and greywater utilization in every planned construction.

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