Hygienic water from surface water

Surface waters sources such as lakes, rivers and streams can be processed with AQUALOOP technology for numerous other uses. First of all, the raw water is fed via a submersible pump to the AQUALOOP reactor. Depending on the degree and type of contamination, the following purification steps can be selected: 

  • Pre-filtration through the AQUALOOP PURAIN prefilter AL-PR
  • biological degradation with the AQUALOOP growth media and ventilation AL-FK
  • Membrane filtration with AQUALOOP membrane station AL-MS and AL-MEM


Several AL membrane stations can be operated in parallel in case of higher water demand.

1. Submersible pump 6. AL expansion tank
2. HORIZON pressure hose 7. SDS suction hose
3. Wall bushing 8. RAINMASTER Favorit SC
4. AQUALOOP Tap comfort 9. UV-system
5. AL clearwater tank 10. Expansion vessel

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