From Aachen to South Africa

German water treatment products of INTEWA are now officially available in South Africa

"In old German it was called AHHA, AQUAE GRANNI in Roman, AQUISGRANUM during the medieval period and BAD AACHEN in the modern era. Even today, a lot is spoken about water, regardless of the fact that the city of Aachen (situated at the western border of Germany in the triangle of Belgium and the Netherlands) has no river or lake and no maritime traffic. Here the water comes from the ground and in some places it’s even hot water. The hot springs of Aachen have been popular for more than 2000 years and they earmark the history of settlement and culture of the city. Those were the hot springs that gave Charlemagne the opportunity to create the nucleus of Europe, at that time, here."

"Today, such a nucleus shall be reflected by our products as well," says Oliver Ringelstein, CEO and founder of INTEWA GmbH.
INTEWA GmbH has been impressive over the past few years with its innovative improvements and high quality product design in the field of rainwater management and water treatment. The products from this German specialist are safe, energy efficient and offer sustainable solutions for the reutilization of water and water drainage.

Thus it is not surprising to know that the export side of the Company is also expanding. An increasing number of distributors from all over the world rely on the expertise of the Company, staffed with employees from the elite University RWTH Aachen. The newest official export partner of the Company is Mr. Steve Parker of Pure-Rain Technologies Pty Ltd. in Cape Town, South Africa.

Apartheid, Nelson Mandela, and gold since 2010 as well as the Football World Cup are the terms often associated with South Africa. But the land at Cape has much more to offer: A widely established economy, high deposit of raw materials and an intact financial sector for African settings. No wonder that South Africa is the most popular investment region of international investors on the continent. However on the other hand, several problems threaten the long-term growth.

This was identified by Steve Parker. Steve has built a successful distribution company in South Africa and bumped into INTEWA by chance: "I was tied up with the issue of water conservation during the new construction of my house and came across INTEWA through Internet search. I immediately called up Oliver Ringelstein and had a long conversation with him. I was instantly inspired by the products, the philosophy and the collaborated work. As exclusive distributor of INTEWA, I considered it my primary responsibility to ensure that the reutilization of water becomes an obvious part of South Africa with the help of INTEWA products. Already there exist vast array of water problems. We cannot simply wait, instead we must act immediately." Steve Parker also expects economic success in South Africa with Pure-Rain Technologies Pty Ltd. The objective is to sell the products through a network of specialist partners. Thereby, INTEWA not only provides the technology but also supports with technical advice, service, marketing, brochures, certificates and a multilingual website.
"We are extremely happy about our new partner and we are already benefiting from the collaboration," says Oliver Ringelstein. Because there is a completely different understanding of the rainwater harvesting in South Africa as compared to Germany. It goes without saying that for instance they also shower with the precious water. "We will safely consider this in our product development," said the INTEWA product management, lead by Certified Engineer Michael Wurzer.
The awareness of an ecological management of valuable water binds us together.

If you are also interested in associating with INTEWA, here is the contact information:

Oliver Ringelstein

The possibility to save drinking water has enhanced strongly the last years.

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