Rainwater harvesting

Providing the population with high quality drinking water is an increasing problem even in Central European regions which today have abundant water. Drinking water is still considered the most valuable asset in many arid countries of the world. The saving of clean drinking water is not only useful for ecological and economic reasons, in the long run, it is a very necessary measure. Already, in several regions of the world, rainwater harvesting provides an abundance of free water of an extraordinary high quality.

Nowadays, high quality drinking water must often serve unnecessary purposes, such as toilet flushing, washing laundry or watering the garden. It is not only expensive but moreover its use consumes energy. Even a modern, economic household consumes almost one hundred liters of fresh drinking water per person, per day. If the above mentioned consumer is provided with rainwater, then the amount of fresh water used reduces by almost half to fifty liters per person, per day.

Possible rainwater uses:

•    Flushing toilet
•    Watering garden
•    Laundry/Washing machine
•    Cleaning purposes
•    Cooling
•    Process water

Advantages for the user:

•    Saving on increasing costs of drinking water and sewage discharge
•    Soft rainwater is an ideal medium for plant irrigation
•    Up to 50 % reduction in consumption of detergent
•    Rainwater ensures that washing machines do not calcify
•    Low ion rainwater reduces the incidence of urinary stone

Advantages for the municipality:

•    Reduction of expenditure for flood control measures / flood prevention
•    Reduction in costs of sewer construction, sewer rehabilitation and sewage
•    Saving potential in development costs of new housing estates
•    Improvement of local groundwater storage and thereby improvement in
      provision of drinking water

Application of the INTEWA System:

•    Single family homes
•    Multiple family homes
•    Commercial and industrial properties
•    Public properties

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