Rainwater - Infiltration or attenuation

Due to increasing urbanization, what used to be clear ground is now being covered by dwellings and commercial buildings. While clear ground can offer natural rainwater infiltration, this becomes more difficult due to the increasing number of roofed areas, car parks and roads. At the same time, the frequency of heavy rains has increased due to climate change. Rainwater can no longer infiltrate naturally and there is an increasing danger, that existing drainage systems can become overloaded. The direct impact of burgeoning urbanization is the increase in damage from flood water as well as the increased cost of drinking water and sewage discharge.
One solution for this problem is the local infiltration of rainwater. This system can be used successfully where there is infiltration-friendly ground or where there is adequate area. In the case of ground not being favourable for infiltration or too little space available, the rainwater can be temporarily attenuated and then drained.  In this way, the subsequent drainage system is not burdened.

Measures for local infiltration and attenuation of rainwater are increasingly demanded by various communities and countries. Today, the costs for sewage disposal of run-off water into the public drainage systems have increased widely. Billing for rainwater and split sewage water are the most common models. The trend is clearly visible: Systems for infiltration or attenuation shall become increasingly mandatory in development plans in the future.

Advantages for the user:

  • Independence due to separation from the public rainwater system
  • Savings on increasing sealing charges (rainwater charges)
  • Improvement of local microclimate
  • Possibility of subsidization from government grants


Advantages for the municipality:

  • Reduction of expenditure for flood control measures / flood prevention
  • Reduction in costs of sewer construction, sewer rehabilitation and sewage treatment
  • Saving potential in development costs of new housing estates
  • Improvement of local groundwater situation


Application of the INTEWA System:

  • Single family homes
  • Multiple family homes
  • Commercial and industrial properties
  • Public properties



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