Cutting-edge technology greywater recycling


05'19 / The cutting-edge technology that pays off: Commercial greywater recycling for high demand

New: The powerful SEPAMAT Profi and the WIKI knowledge portal


02'19 / The INTEWA SEPAMAT system separators protect your drinking water from contamination. The backflow of substances from the consumer side into the urban drinking water network is safely and reliably prevented by system separators. Thus the use of these systems serves the protection of your health! If you need a higher efficiency or the given space conditions do not allow a Duplex or Triplex system, our Profi is called to action! The SEPAMAT Profi reliably and comfortably secures the drinking water network according to DIN EN 1717 / DIN 1988-100.

Innovation in international service


01'19 /In the middle of this year, more than 350 people lost their lives in devastating floods caused by an extremely heavy monsoon in the state of Kerala in southern India. More than 1.2 million people were evacuated from their homes and had to be accommodated in emergency shelters. Here the INTEWA water treatment system, AQUALOOP Tap, could be brought to the Kerala disaster area for emergency relief.

We're going deep!


12'18 / INTEWA has installed various water treatment systems and associated cisterns for optimized treatment and in depth research and testing purposes within the scope of civil engineering at the new company building "Auf der Hüls". In this way, INTEWA generates a large part of the drinking and non-potable water required by the company from its own treatment technologies.

How do rainwater harvesting and green roofs fit together?


11'18 / Due to the implementation of the new DWA A102 (technical guidelines for mixed and precipitation water introduction), green roofs are becoming more important. But how do green roofs and rainwater harvesting fit together? INTEWA wants to answer this question and develop solutions with the installation of our own green roof on the new company building.

Rainwater infiltration pays off!


03'19 / By using a rainwater infiltration system, you actively free yourself from the stormwater fee. This is worth it! INTEWA offers you rainwater infiltration systems and rainwater retention systems for a wide range of area sizes both as packages for single-family houses and systems for commercial projects. The INTEWA systems are suitable for new buildings or for retrofitting in existing houses. We have the right solution for every need and offer you the best price-performance ratio!

New name and huge operating range: the INTEWA PROFI pump and control centres expand the current RAINMASTER series. There, where the capabilities of the INTEWA RAINMASTER Favorit are inadequate or the area requirements do not allow for a Favorit Duplex or Triplex system, the PROFI booster stations supplement a higher capability range with perfect and efficient performance.

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INTEWA CEO and owner Oliver Ringelstein and Bob Drew from Ecovie, the exclusive INTEWA representative for the USA, led a whirlwind trip from Alaska to Los Angeles. The first stop was at a laundromat in Alaska. Here AQUALOOP technology allows for the reuse of the laundromat wastewater together with shower water.

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The INTEWA system-separator "SEPAMAT" isolates the drinking water system from the consumer. It protects drinking water against contamination caused by backflow of pollutants from the consumer point of use. System separation is installed between the municipal drinking water supply and one or more fixtures. These must be separated in accordance with Category 5 of the current drinking water regulations contained in DIN EN1717.

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AQUALOOP-Tap 1600 is a filter for disinfection of water. The cleaning principle is based on the INTEWA AQUALOOP ultrafiltration membrane technology, upon which substances in the water, like microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, are withheld. The filtration result is clear, hygenic water.

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Once again this year we will be giving away delicious rainwater beer at our booth. We want to show that you can do a lot more with rainwater than just flush it down the toilet. It is perfectly suited to become high-quality drinking water.

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Up to 65% of our water needs comprise showering, bathing, washing hands and washing machine usage. The resulting waste water from these activities is the so-called greywater.

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On 15.01.2018 was the ground-breaking ceremony for the new INTEWA company building. In additon to our own use, the new building will also showcase how a sustainable commercial building can simultaneously be innovative — energy efficient — almost water-independent and thereby cost-effective .
The office, production and warehouse will be equipped with innovative building automation technology, that will be presented and used in the entrance and reception area for training, research and development purposes.

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  • INTEWA Online Planer with automatic CAD drawing
  • Optimized Rainplaner software
  • Rainwater infiltration for residential park, DE
  • Logistics centrum Großbeeren, DE
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Der RAINMASTER Eco - das sparsamste Hauswasserwerk der Welt - Ausgabe 04/2013
> Der Rainmaster Eco - das sparsamste Hauswasserwerk der Welt
> Uneingeschränkte Gartenfreude  
> Große Gartensprenger  
> Kompromisslose Qualität
INTEWA Löschwasserbehälter - Ausgabe KW18/2013
> Mehrbehälterlösung mit Betonzisternen
> Einzelbehälterlösung mit GFK-Speicher
> Einzelbehälterlösung aus Betonfertigteilen
> Einzelbehälterlösung als Ortbeton-Rundbehälter
> Oberirdische Variante mit flexiblem Speicher  
The new PURAIN Heavy Duty rainwater filter - Edition 25/2013
> !! New !!: PURAIN-HD 150 to 400
> On site savings and increasing tank volumes
> Load capacity up to 60 tons
> Use of cost-efficient, locally available manholes and lids is possible
> Patented, self-cleaning and minimum maintenance costs
INTEWA DRAINMAX Waben - Ausgabe KW26/2013
> Das DRAINMAX Wabensystem – unbegrenzte Standzeit
> Flexibler Sedimentationsschacht
> Kies und Dränagerohre
> DRAINMAX-Wabenaufbau
> Das System mit automatischer Spülung
INTEWA Projekte in Südafrika - Ausgabe KW29/2013
> Der RAINMASTER Eco in Südafrika
> Der RAINMASTER Favorit in Kapstadt
> Erstes AQUALOOP Grauwasser Recyclingsystem Südafrikas
> Der PURAIN 150 Regenwasserfilter
Nachhaltiges Bauen - Ausgabe KW36/2013
> Regenwassernutzung
> Grauwassernutzung
> Regenwasserversickerung
Saving water and energy using drip irrigation - Edition KW39/2013
> The RAINMASTER Series for trickle irrigation
> Saving by drip irrigation
> Reused water for irrigation
> Irrigation Show Austin, Texas 2013
Fördermöglichkeit für Grauwasser-Recycling im Mehrfamilienhaus - Ausgabe KW40/2013
> Objekte für Demonstrationsanlagen gesucht
> Fördervoraussetzungen
Regenwassernutzung in preisgekrönter Parkarena - Ausgabe KW46/2013
> Die Parkarena
> Der Regenwasserspeicher
> Die Pump- und Steuertechnik
Regenwassernutzung im Josef-Pschorr-Haus München - Ausgabe KW07-2014
> Objekt: Einkaufszentrum Josef-Pschorr-Haus
> Aufgabe: Pump- und Steuerungstechnik à la carte
> Lösung: INTEWA-Regenwasserzentrale mit Sonderausstattung
Issue 05-2014 Free INTEWA Online Planner
> Now immediately available: INTEWA Online Planner - very quick to use - free
> AQUALOOP Water treatment with heat recovery
> IFAT Fair 2014 - Note the date now
DRAINMAX tunnel captures Europe - Issue 16-2014
> School building in Ghent, Belgium
> Vodafone Administration Building Prague, Czech Republic
> Residences and business premises Graz, Austria
> Parking place of a hardware store in Longford, Ireland

for rain water harvesting and grey water utilization

  • Trial package
  • Updated price list for 2015
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  • NEW ! DRAINMAX tunnel capacity SLW 12
  • Best price, only 199,00 € eVK for 1,6 m³
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  • Modular concept
  • Example for PLURAFIT packages
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  • INTEWA grey water treatment system certified according to British Standard BS 8525-2:2011
  • Breakthrough for rainwater harvesting in existing buildings as now we can use the same pipework without retrofitting.
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  • RAINMASTER in der Stadtverwaltung Kapstadt, Süd Afrika
  • PURAIN Filter zum Tankeinbau USA und Frankreich
  • Eintracht Stadion Braunschweig
  • Izmir Türkei, Grauwassernutzung mit AQUALOOP
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Der Regenabfluss des Vorplatzes und der Westtribüne, zusammen rund 12 000 m², sollte versickert werden.

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Löschwasserversorgung und Regenwasserbewirtschaftung sind aus einem Gewerbebauvorhaben heute nicht mehr wegzudenken. Die INTEWA GFK Löschwasserbehälter für die Löschwasserversorgung und die DRAINMAX Tunnel für die Regenwasserversickerung und -rückhaltung sind optimierte Produkte für diese Einsatzbereiche.

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Regenwasser zu versickern ist gut für die Umwelt und spart oft massiv Einleitgebühren. Das freut den Bauherren. Oft wird dieser aber gar nicht gefragt, denn die Regenwasserversickerung ist dann genauso wie die Regenwasserrückhaltung Teil des Bebauungsplans.

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10 Sterne, das ist die höchste Auszeichnung, die für ein Umwelthaus bisher verliehen wurde. Wie dies durch die AQUALOOP Ultra- und Mikrofiltrationstechnik von INTEWA erst möglich wurde, lesen Sie hier.

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In the next video, you will see what Leo and Emily think of that

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  • Experience the digital revolution
  • Now save 80% of energy to cool buildings
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  • Wasser digital erleben
  • Ausstellungsprogramm
  • Mehr Vernetzung in den eigenen vier Wänden
  • Vortrag: "Zurück in die Wasser Zukunft" - Die Digitalisierung der Wasserwirtschaft
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  • Wasser digital erleben
  • Ausstellungsprogramm
  • Zeitachse Wasser Ver- und Entsorgung „Zurück in die Wasserzukunft“
  • River View - die Digitalisierung unser Gewässer
  • INTEWA jetzt auch bei Facebook
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  • Rainwater management
  • Rainwater and Greywater Harvesting
  • Adiabatic cooling
  • Potable water from rainwater
  • Non-potable water from septic systems
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On the 20th / 21st of March, INTEWA invited 34 partners from 24 different countries from all over the world for a professional exchange in the historical water city of Aachen.

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We have big news. Our AQUALOOP greywater recycling technology is now certified under NSF 350 for bath and laundry recycling at the commercial (C) level, the very first and only system to pass these rigorous standards (implies residential also).

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Hops, malt, yeast and last but not least, water - after 500 years of the German Beer Purity Law, beer is very popular. A growing movement called "Craft Beer" brews beers with a wide range of tastes and unique aromas and they do it with enthusiasm. Hops, malt and yeast are brought together in a creative way to develop something new. The fourth factor for a good beer is water. Breweries usually have their own, strictly guarded water sources to brew their unique beer.

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according to the new regulation DIN EN1717, system-separation for drinking water protection is required in numerous applications.

SEPAMAT,certified safety

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Rainwater project with surprising results

Since last year, a special renovation has been performed on a farm in Bettborn, Luxembourg. An AQUALOOP system - treated rainwater for young cattle drinking troughs. No one could have imagined in the beginning...

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Finally here! The new INTEWA UV system series for water disinfection is ready for delivery. All orders for UV systems, up to the 30.06.2017, received by us will receive an additonal 15% discount.

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  • The new INTEWA price list* is here!
  • A rainwater infiltration package for single-family houses
  • Rainwater RE-imagined", drinking water from rainwater with AQUALOOP
  • New AL-GW prepackaged greywater recycling for commercial properties
  • INTEWA trade fair calendar South Africa - India - Vietnam
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  • Autobahnraststätte Frechen
  • Windpark Langenburg
  • Kaiser Wilhelm Denkmal, Porta Westfalica
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  • Adiabatic cooling with rainwater
  • Eataly, Store focus on water conservation
  • Green roofs in Tehran with AQUALOOP greywater recycling
  • New high performance pumps for AQUALOOP
  • International trade fair successes
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The possibility to save drinking water has enhanced strongly the last years.

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A rainwater filter cleaning itself by the principle of the hydraulic jump.

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The DRAINMAX tunnel infiltration system: The only plastic trench with flushable  ground.

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The optimized water pump station for rainwater and greywater utilization in every planned construction.

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