• Shower water recycling – is worthwhile

AQUALOOP water treatment

An AQUALOOP membrane station can be equipped with up to six filtering membranes and different blowers, depending on the required amount of water to be recycled. Multiple membrane stations can be used in parallel for even higher water volume requirements. The installation of multiple membrane stations ensures high general plant safety at larger, commercial systems.

Inflow water quality

Depending on the quality of inflow water and its intended recycled use, the optimum AQUALOOP system can be selected from the modular components available. The AQUALOOP pre-filter is used for filtering household grey water containing hairs and organic contaminants. With greater organic load of inflow water, growth medium is supplied in the fluidized bed process for biological degradation. This is supplemented with oxygen via the membrane station. Less organically contaminated water can be cleaned directly by the membrane station.

You can flexibly create the optimum system for your own requirements with only a few components:

Motivation for AQUALOOP

  • With AQUALOOP, less drinking water is required, as water for e.g. toilet flushing, garden etc. is produced in the building from greywater (2nd use, downcycling)
  • Less pressure on valuable drinking water resources: even so Germany is a relatively water rich country, our high quality groundwater resources are under pressure due to pollution and overuse, requiring continuously deeper pumping
  • Less Water needs to be pumped and treated in the Water Infrastructures Energy
  • Less thermal energy for water heating required, as heat from the greywater is transferred safely* to the cold water before heater: Reused energy is renewable energy plus savings in electricity as less water needs to be pumped and treated in the Water Infrastructures, (but additional electricity to run the AQUALOOP System), less CO2 emissions Ecosystems 
  • Less wastewater with lower thermal

The possibility to save drinking water has enhanced strongly the last years.

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