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What are the benefits of DRAINMAX Tunnel infiltration trenches in comparison to other infiltration and attenuation systems?

In comparison to gravel trenches, DRAINMAX tunnel infiltration trenches require significantly less space through its 100 % storage capacity. This also means, less excavation and ultimately lower installation costs.
The DRAINMAX Tunnel infiltration trench provides an optimum price / volume ratio as compared to other attenuation systems made of plastic, (such as infiltration pits) by using less materials and corresponding cheaper transportation costs. Moreover, the DRAINMAX tunnel infiltration trench is the only product in which the bottom of the trench can be flushed. This increases the service life of the system.

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How does the DRAINMAX Tunnel infiltration trench obtain such high capacity?

In the DRAINMAX Tunnel infiltration trench, the load is discharged into the surrounding soil by means of the tunnels special vault shaped design. However in contrast, other plastic pits need many more components in order to absorb the load effectively and maintain structural rigidity due to their inefficient design.

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Why is the cleaning option necessary for infiltration trenches?

An infiltration trench is a structure that has been designed for a service life amounting to decades. Basically, before any infiltration or attenuation system is installed, a sedimentation or filter system is fitted. The type of system depends on the connected surface (and its contamination) as well as on the sewage disposal requirements specified by the authorities. With good preliminary cleaners, the infiltration or attenuation system requires virtually no maintenance. Over the course of years, and the inadequate maintenance of preliminary cleaners, there is a risk that dirt may penetrate into the trench. This dirt can significantly impair the infiltration capacity and thereby reduce the functional efficiency of the infiltration trench. Maybe the infiltration trench has to be rebuilt.  With DRAINMAX Tunnel infiltration trenches, you can analyze the condition initially by means of a camera. If cleaning is necessary, then the DRAINMAX Tunnel infiltration trenches are the only such system in the world in which the bottom can be completely flushed. The cleaning of the tunnel bottom is done by flushing with a high pressure jet.

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How do I calculate the necessary size of a Tunnel infiltration trench?

The dimensions of an infiltration trench depend on several factors, such as rainfall data and infiltration rate, as well as on regional government specifications. These factors vary from country to country and even from region to region. You can obtain more details on the dimensioning of your systems from our project service.


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