Discharge throttle

If rainwater is not permitted to flow into the public drainage system at full flow rate, the continuous INTEWA discharge throttle ensures the maximum permissible flow is released irrespective of the water level. As a result, the retention storage can be dimensioned up to 30 % smaller than with rigid discharge throttles.


The INTEWA discharge throttle is suitable for pre-cleaned rainwater. Depending on the required throttled flow, INTEWA offers a variety of continuous discharge throttles.

Einbaubeispiel Schlauchdrossel
Hose throttle
Einbaubeispiel Edelstahldrossel
Stainless steel throttle

Hose throttle D100-0.5 to D100-3.85

  • Hose diameter 1" to 3", subject to height H
  • Dimensions: 600 x 130 x 850 mm
  • Pipework material: PE
  • Pipework diameter: DN100
  • Connection material: Brass 
  • Hose clamp material: Stainless steel
  • adjustable throttle element between filter basket and hose nozzle

Technical data

Throttle type D100-0.5 D100-1.64 D100-3.85
Throttle discharge Q 0.07 to 0.50 L/s 0.66 to 1.64 L/s 0.83 to 3.85 L/s
Montage / Installation / Wartung

Installation notes

The pointed end of the hose is pushed into the drain opening. Ensure that the hose is free to float. The working-side length of the standpipe is 1.0 m. The length can be shortened for local conditions on the building site.



Anleitung Schlauchdrossel

  • Ablaufdrosseln
  • Edelstahldrossel D100-10

Stainless steel throttle D100-10 to D400-460

  • professional, continuous VA-stainless steel discharge throttle with selectable discharge flow up to 30 L/s for the commercial sector
  • high-quality V4A-stainless steel with float

Technical data

Throttle type D100-10 D150-20 D200-30 D250-180 D300-250 D400-460
Throttle discharge Q up to 10.0 L/s up to 20 L/s up to 30 L/s up to 180 l/s up to 250 l/s up to 460 l/s
Socket connection DN100 DN150 DN200 DN250 DN300 DN400
Weight ca. 6.0 kg ca. 12.0 kg ca. 18.0 kg ca. 20,0 kg ca. 12,0 kg ca. 18,0 kg

The flow orifice is specially manufactured according to the desired throttle discharge. When ordering, the throttle discharge Q and the height H muss be specified. The standard delivery time after approval of drawings is 4-5 weeks.

Montage / Installation / Wartung
Stainless steel throttle in Rückhaltespeicher

Installation notes type D100-10 to D400-460

These discharge throttles for commercial systems are installed in concrete or FG tanks before the outlet. To do this, the supplied socket is pushed into the building site provided outlet pipe (pointed end). The adjustable feet of the throttle support its weight on the tank bottom. In principal, the pre-filter, orifice opening and float clearance must be checked twice a year.

Maximum stainless steel throttle working-height dependent on tank diameter

Tank diameter / Throttle type D-100-10 D-150-20 D200-30 D250-180 D300-250 D400-460
DN1000 1.15 m 0.95 m 0.60 m 0,40 m - -
DN1200 1.55 m 1.35 m 1.00 m 0,80 m 0,75 m 0,75 m
DN1500 2.00 m 1.95 m 1.60 m 1,40 m 1,30 m 1,30 m
DN2000 3,15 m 2,95 m 1,65 m 2,40 m 2,30 m 2,30 m
DN2500 4,30 m 4,10 m 3,80 m 3,60 m 3,50 m 3,50 m

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