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How many consumers can be connected to the RAINMASTER Eco?

The RAINMASTER Eco is designed and optimized for use in single-family dwellings. In many cases you can supply two toilets as well as a washing machine (up to the second floor) efficiently with rainwater or mains water. A high-pressure cleaner can also be connected.

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Can I replace an old device with the RAINMASTER Eco?

Many rainwater systems are getting old and customers want to exchange the old pumps or rainwater units with modern devices. The RM-Eco is perfectly suitable for this since it comes already supplied with flexible connections. An existing suction line (even with a 1" connection size) and the floating switch cable belonging to old device can be used if these are 100% water-tight and not worn out.

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Can I also water my garden with the RAINMASTER Eco?

The whisper-quiet RAINMASTER Eco at around 50-56 dB(A) can be easily used for garden irrigation. For large irrigation systems (Scope of application and dimensions) we recommend the use of RAINMASTER Favorit.

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What are the advantages of the membrane pump compared to a centrifugal pump?

There are a multitude of benefits with the RAINMASTER Eco diaphragm pump! 75% less energy consumption, 50% less background noise, a suction length of up to 40m, which is almost 3 times that of a conventional centrifugal pump. (Note: The RAINMASTER Eco 10 is whisper-quiet at around just 50-56 dB(A))

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Why have other manufacturers not launched such a product yet?

INTEWA always thinks one step ahead!

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Why is the price-performance value so much better than other manufacturers?

The innovative INTEWA RAINMASTER Eco concept requires less installation space, less material and therefore faster production. These savings are passed on to our customers so that we can offer better price-performance value than other manufacturers.

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Do I need the fill level indicator?

With the fill level indicator, you can be comfortable with the knowledge your cistern water level is always in view. By being able to monitor the water level in your cistern, you can make decisions on whether the water level is sufficient for additional uses such as watering the garden, filling a pond or if an extra car wash is called for.

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Can I also use the RAINMASTER Eco for my well, pond, non-potable, or greywater?

The RAINMASTER Eco, as it’s name suggests, was developed for rainwater harvesting, but can be also be used for numerous other water applications. It may also supply well water (up to a 3m intake level), treated wastewater, water from streams and ponds or water from a greywater recycling system, like the INTEWA AQUALOOP. Should water from the natural/treated source run short, the unit automatically switches over to a DVGW approved mains water supply, so household water needs are always covered.

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