House Parker in South Africa

The first RAINMASTER Eco installation in Africa was made at House Parker in Cape Town, South Africa. This beautiful city has a warm Mediterranean climate where it never gets to freezing point and as a result, rain tanks are set above ground. Rainwater is collected from 350 m² of roof surface and sent, in underground pipes via a U piece siphon system, to the 10.000 litre storage tank with the self-cleaning PURAIN filter integrated. The RM Eco supplies toilets, washing machines and three garden taps. More than 50 % of monthly mains water consumption is now saved with this technology.

SHeff-Z in Neumünster

The Schleswig-Holstein Energy Efficiency Centre, also known as SHeff-Z, in Neumünster was opened in 2011. It offers consumers free information on themes such as heating, insulation, power saving and building automation. You can see and even experience the power saving equipment at SHeff-Z. The rainwater harvesting equipment on show is the RAINMASTER Eco, the most fuel efficient rain water system available. On an average, the RAINMASTER Eco shows an effective energy saving of 75% when compared with conventional rainwater

One-family dwelling, Erkelenz

The Stratmann couple from the neighbourhood of Aachen, Germany, decided to exchange their old house water system for a RAINMASTER Eco. Read more about this project in a professional article  aktuellen Fachartikel.

Georg von Heel

one-family dwelling, Heinsberg

A village can be found in Heinsberg county, North Rhine Westphalia, in the far west of Germany, directly on the Dutch border. The historical Birgden central station houses the historical railway museum, Selfkantbahn. In the village, the Heel family collects rainwater in their new house for toilet flushing, washing machine and garden irrigation.

one-family dwellings, Bridgend

In Brid­gend, a town in Wales on the south­west­ern coast of Great Britain, sev­eral RAIN­MAS­TER Eco Rain­wa­ter sys­tems have been in­stalled in a pro­ject, by a local con­struc­tion com­pany. This pro­ject was su­per­vised by our part­ner Storm­saver.

Oxforter Longlees House

Oxford is the main city of county Oxfordshire in England, United Kingdom. The city, located on the banks of the river Thames, has more than 154,000 inhabitants and is the hub of the ancient and famous Oxford University and the Oxford Brookes University. In the Longlee House of Oxford, rainwater collection, using the RAINMASTER Eco rainwater system, complements the beautiful environment.

Pundles Farm

Pundles farm in West Yorkshire, situated to the north of England, saves water with their RAINMASTER Eco system.

Tarmac Masonry House

Nottinghamshire is a county in central England with just over one million inhabitants (2002). Sherwood Forest is a beautiful park, the only remnant of the much larger forest which made famous the legendary figure of Robin Hood.  A huge number of extremely old and mighty oaks still grow in the forest, once considered Robin Hood’s headquarters. The rainwater, at Tarmac Masonry House in Nottinghamshire, is collected and distributed to consumers via a RAINMASTER Eco Rainwater system. 

Christen Fritz, Belgien

one-family dwelling Christen, Belgien

The home of the Christen family, in German-speaking eastern Belgium, has been built out of eco-construction materials. A special emphasis has been placed on the use of eco-friendly appliances and equipment. It goes without saying, that the RAINMASTER Eco rainwater unit and PURAIN rainwater filter were obvious choices in their decision to install a rainwater harvesting system.

Hick Daniel, Belgien

one-family dwelling Hick, Belgien

The Hick family of Belgium,  have installed a rainwater harvesting system in their spacious new house. The rain water is filtered with a PURAIN rainwater filter and a RAINMASTER Eco is used to pump it to their washing machine, toilets and garden taps.


Ritchy Kuhn, Belgien Eupen

one-family dwelling Kuhn, Belgium

Here the Kuhn family of belgium decided to install a rainwater harvesting system in their existing home. A PURAIN rainwater filter and the RAINMASTER Eco rainwater system were chosen because of the their easy installation in older buildings.

Domus Hotel Luxemburg

Domus Hotel in Luxembourg

The Domus Hotel, situated close to the historic city centre of Luxembourg, offers a high standard of accomodation, cherished ambience and beautifully decorated rooms. The hotel is cleverly using rainwater as a natural resource. The use of rainwater hereby shows the feasibility of rainwater harvesting in the urban area. Three rainwater tanks collect rainfall from the roof areas which is filtered by two PURAIN filters DN100. It is then pumped by means of a RAINMASTER Eco for use of all suitable consumers in the hotel. 

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