Scope of application and dimensioning

Scope of application and dimensions

Generally, all fixtures, which can be supplied by rainwater harvesting, can be connected. The maximum installation height of a consumtion point above the RAINMASTER Eco rainwater unit should not exceed 9m (approx. second floor).

Pressure line dimensioning

Mostly, in a single-family dwelling a limited number of consumers will be simultaneously drawing on the rainwater system. The RAINMASTER Eco supplies this with an optimized minimumal energy consumption. If several consumers are simultaneously drawing on the rainwater system, then these consumers will split the maximum flow rate of the pump.

If more than 10 L/min are simultaneously necessary (this corresponds to about two consumers) than the delivery will be slightly slower.

In practice the RAINMASTER Eco can be connected as follows:

Toilet and Urinal

Toilet and Urinal

You can connect up to three flushing toilets and one urinal.

Washing machine

Washing machine

You can connect up to two washing machines.

Garden and cleaning

Garden and cleaning

One garden water tap can be connected, to which a small watering and cleaning device can be attached:

  • 20m garden hose with a spray nozzle
  • A mini lawn sprinkler with a flow rate up to 2 bar/400 L/h, Gardena Aquazoom 250/1 Sprinkler = watered area approx. 80 m²
  • Drip irrigation systems are equipped with an expansion tank
  • A high-pressure cleaner with a flow rate up to 500 L/h

Pump curve

Pump characteristic line

Suction line dimensioning

In practice, the pump is self-priming only in a certain range because of pressure losses (ie. pipe friction, intake level). In this operating range, the pump evacuates the air from the suction line independently (ie. with initial commissioning). The suction curve below shows the dependence of suction length on the intake level. The determined value must be above the represented suction curve in the diagram. If the intake point is below the suction curve, then a charging pump (optional accessory RM ECO-LP) will be necessary to ensure the intake process proceeds reliably and with sufficient supply.

Intake side dimensions

Note: The charging pump boosts the intake pressure, so that the intake level can be increased by 3 m. This means that the suction curve moves 3 m parallel down.

Sample dimensioning

Example A:
Suction pipe length = 16 m
Intake level = -2.40 m (Height difference between deepest intake position and pump) = o.k., since the point of intersection lies above the suction curve

Example B:
Suction pipe length = 34 m
Intake level = -2.80 m (Height difference between deepest intake position and pump) = not o.k., since the point of intersection lies below the suction curve.

Accessory: Charging pump RM Eco-LP (Art. No. 22 00 97) is required in order to support intake

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