Speed-controlled, modular, expandable powerhouse for your large-scale needs

The RAINMASTER Favorit 20 and 40 feature fully-automatic operating and monitoring stations with pump, controller and integrated mains water top-up. This innovation can be wall mounted in a small space. The water is drawn by the pump from the cistern via an intake suction hose. Our technology can be used to supply all fixtures, in or outside the building, such as toilets, washing machines, irrigation and cleaning systems, cooling systems and many more. If insufficient rainwater or greywater is available, then the RAINMASTER Favorit 20 and 40 automatically switches to an integrated, certified mains water top-up to do the job.

Without question - Adapted to the needs of our customers, you can use and combine the RAINMASTER Favorit models:

RAINMASTER Favorit 20/40

RAINMASTER Favorit 20 / 40

Affordable standard version for small to medium-sized properties. In this unit, the pump is regulated via a pressure and flow control sensor.

RAINMASTER Favorit 20/40 SC

RAINMASTER Favorit SC 20 / 40

In place of the pressure and flow control sensor, the new RAINMASTER Favorit SC is equipped with a speed controller. It regulates the speed of the pump to adjust the pressure to the  required flow rate. This has great advantages for the user. This rainwater unit is especially durable, quiet and economical with its power consumption.

2-3 x RAINMASTER Favorit SC

2-3 x RAINMASTER Favorit SC

For larger commercial applications, where pumping reliability and consistency is a must, the speed-controlled RAINMASTER Favorit SC can be used. Up to three RAINMASTER Favorit SC units can be connected in parallel, as a powerful multiple pumping system.

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