System separation for drinking-water protection according to DIN EN 1717

The INTEWA system separator "SEPAMAT" isolates the drinking water system from the consumer. It protects drinking water against contamination caused by backflow of pollutants from the consumer point of use. System separation is installed between the municipal drinking water supply and one or more fixtures. These must be separated in accordance with Category 5 of the current drinking water regulations contained in DIN EN1717.

SEPAMAT Applications

Medical Professionals
Agriculture / Slaughterhouses
Irrigation Systems
Car-wash Facilities

and many other applications such as crematories and domestic water systems.

Separator series Eco and Favorit

Type max. Flow Rate l/h h max. Pressure bar Note
SMT E10 600 3,2  
SMT F20 5,400 5,0  
SMT F40 7,800 6,5  
SMT F20-SC 5,400 2,5 - 5,0 adjustable pressure level
SMT F40-SC 7,800 2,5 - 6,5 adjustable pressure level
2 x SMT F20-SC 10,800 2,5 - 5,0 parallel redundant operation
2 x SMT F40-SC 15,600 2,5 - 6,5 parallel redundant operation
3 x SMT F20-SC 16,200 2,5 - 5,0 parallel redundant operation
3 x SMT F40-SC 23,400 2,5 - 6,5 parallel redundant operation

Certified security - SEPAMAT Eco / Favorit

Liquids of category 5 may constitute a health hazard for humans due to the presence of microbial pathogens or virulent communicable diseases. The european standard DIN EN 1717 requires the so-called "air gap" for separation between drinking-water and the consumer.

In the DVGW-certified SEPAMAT E and F system separators, this "air gap" is already integrated. According to the standard, only the "air gap AA and AB" is permitted for the replenishment of drinking-water during water shortages.


The INTEWA system separators SEPAMAT Profi include an integrated storage tank, a double-pump pressure boosting system with self-priming, multi-stage, horizontal centrifugal pump and reciprocal start-up and electronic controllers - all mounted in a powder-coated steel container. They are additionally equipped with frequency converters. This frequency control makes the use of an additional membrane pressure tank superfluous. The controller includes: a 4-line LCD display, an operating hours counter for each pump, pressure display for the double-pump system, potential-free fault transmitters, and RS 232 interface for all current building control systems.

Thanks to the built-in frequency control, the SEPAMAT P can also be used where long operation, constant pressure is needed. This is the case for e.g. irrigation systems with fixed water coverage or cooling of buildings, where water is sprayed in the air-conditioning system.

Technical data SEPAMAT Profi

Model SMT-P12-70-SC SMT-P12-80-SC SMT-P12-90-SC
Max. flow rate *) 12,0 m³/h 12,0 m³/h 12,0 m³/h
Max. pressure 7,0 bar 8,1 bar 9,2 bar
Max. pressure head 70 m 81 m 92 m
Max. current (supply voltage) 2x 2,9 A (3x ~400 V) 2x 3,2 A (3x ~400 V) 2x 4,4 A (3x ~400 V)
Rated capacity P2 2x 1,3 kW 2x 1,5 kW 2x 1,85 kW
Free outlet EN1717 EN1717 EN1717
Protection class IP44 IP44 IP44
Width 570 mm 570 mm 570 mm
Height 1335 mm 1335 mm 1335 mm
Depth 630 mm 630 mm 630 mm
Net weight 100 kg 102 kg 112 kg
Pressure pipe connection 1 ½ " AG 1 ½ " AG 1 ½ " AG
Mains water connection 1 ½ " AG 1 ½ " AG 1 ½ " AG
Storage tank volume 80 L 80 L 80 L
Emergency overflow DN100 DN100 DN100

*) with 4 bar flow pressure at the drinking water connection of the system separator

Free outlet

Type AB according to DIN EN 1717

Freier Auslauf RMF
1: Drinking-water 3: Maximum water level
2: Overflow opening 4: Air gap

The integrated pump delivers water to consumers, as required, from a separation and feed tank. The water level in the separation and feed tank is regulated by a float valve. The drinking-water network and emergency overflow are connected to the separation tank.

Contact between the consumer water and drinking-water supply is prevented. The SEPAMAT system separator thus meets the world's highest safety standards.

Pump curve

  • Pumpenkennlinie
  • Pumpenkennlinien RM Favorit-SC Duplex und Triplex Ausführung

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