INTEWA UV units for disinfection of water

The UV  units are used for the sterilization of water. The UV light reliably inactivates pathogens and functions without the production of disinfection by-products. The UV lamps used are characterized by a long service life, high disinfecting perfomance and low energy consumption. The compact design allows easy removal and replacement of the lamps after expiry of their useful service life. For cleaning purposes, the quartz glass can be easily removed.

Electromagnetic spectrum

The low-pressure, mercury lamps operate in the UV-C spectrum at a wavelength of 254nm for effective virus disinfection.


Overview INTEWA UV series

UVC-Unit30 - UVC-Unit55
  • stainless steel construction
  • suitable for horizontal and vertical installation
  • incl. ballast with fault detection
  • Phillips low-pressure UV-lamps
  • stainless steel construction
  • suitable for horizontal and vertical installation 
  • incl. ballast with fault detection 
  • Phillips low-pressure UV-lamps
  • sensor connection


  1. To properly dimension, first pick your application for the required radiation dosage.
  2. Determine the maximum flow rate for your application. This can be found with a pump curve (RAINMASTER or other pump).
  3. In the top row of the table you can find the appropriately sized UV units.
INTEWA UV-units UVC-Unit16 UVC-Unit30 UVC-Unit55 UVC-Unit110 UVC-Unit220
Max. flow rate with radiation dosage: Application without sensor connection with sensor connection
400 J/m² Drinking-water (EU)
Clarified discharge water
8 l/min 30 l/min 50 l/min 90 l/min 180 l/min
300 J/m² Drinking-water (US) 9 l/min 38 l/min 62 l/min 105 l/min 205 l/min
250 J/m² Poolwater
Fish ponds
10 l/min 45 l/min 70 l/min 129 l/min 268 l/min
150 J/m² Aquaculture 15 l/min 65 l/min 96 l/min 180 l/min 353 l/min

Safety precautions

The UV units should never be operated outside of the reactor chambers without special protective measures (UV-opaque safety clothing and protective eyewear)!

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