"Dreamhouse" in Atlanta, US

Keri and Brian Fosse were building their dream home in the heart of Atlanta. It turns out that because of their lot location on a hill, the cost to run a city water line to the house was quite high. Their solution was to have Ecovie install a water system with no city water connection at all. Designed for 5 inhabitants, the system provides clean rainwater as the primary water source. ​

Rainwater is filtered through two PURAIN DN100 pre-filters and stored in two 3,000 gallon (11,300 litre) tanks. ​ This water is treated to potable standards using sediment filtration, UV, and carbon filtration. Laundry, shower, and bathroom sink water is captured as greywater for treatment in an AQUALOOP System 6 with one membrane. AQUALOOP treated water is used for toilet flushing and the cold water in the laundry ​ delivered with a RAINMASTER Eco 10.​

Extra water goes outdoors to a tank for watering plants along with rainwater tank overflow. With the latest low flow fixtures and AQUALOOP greywater recycling, the family expects to use only 20-30 gallons per person per day indoors (75-115 lpd). Compared to a standard city water hook up, the Fosse's will be saving around $2,000 per year on their water bill and have avoided the high cost of running a city water hook up. Overall, the project makes total financial sense all while using smart and sustainable water management practices!


Die Möglichkeiten Trinkwasser einzusparen, haben sich in den letzten Jahren stark weiter entwickelt.

Ein Regenwasserfilter, der sich durch das Wechselsprungprinzip von alleine reinigt.

Das DRAINMAX Tunnel-Rigolen-System: Die einzige Kunststoff-Rigole mit spülbarem Boden.

Das optimierte Hauswasserwerk zur Regenwassernutzung und Grauwassernutzung für jedes Bauvorhaben.




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